Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund Opportunity



The Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund builds and expands on current initiatives at the Department of Public Health – namely the Mass In Motion (MIM) program, the Community Transformation Grants (CTG) and the Coordinated Chronic Disease Communities of Practice (CoP). These programs have already begun to implement policy, systems and environmental changes in communities across Massachusetts. They are building needed resources and infrastructure in communities that are designed to help prevent and control chronic diseases. In addition, the recently-funded CMS Innovations grant will enable the state to build the infrastructure to electronically link individual patients to community-based resources through their provider’s office. These four initiatives (MiM, CTG, CoP and CMS Innovations) can form the building blocks for the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund. The Trust will become the driving force to expand upon the current activities and thus ensure that communities and healthcare systems can work together to build a sustainable, collaborative, data-driven, partnership that permanently links their efforts to improve health and at the same time control the growth of healthcare costs.

There is a bidders conference planned for September 9 to review the RFR posted and included here. The RFR will focus on transforming the Commonwealth’s health and providing our residents with equitable opportunities to take charge of their health.

See the attached doucuments above for more information on this funding opportunity. The NSCHN hopes to host a regional dialogue on this funding opportunity in September and allow communities the opportunity to discuss, discover, and act on new collaborative opportunities.


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