Strategic Plan Comment Period

You are invited to review the draft plan of the North Shore Community Health Network. The open comment period ends August 30, 2013. Please submit all comments to with your name, organization, and contact information.

The North Shore Community Health Network embarked on its 3-year cycle of strategic planning beginning in July 2012 with a review of updated health needs assessment data from North Shore Medical Center and Lahey Health System, and a variety of other data sources.

In October 2012, a membership planning forum was held with over 60 organizations in attendance. The objectives of the member forum were: to solicit broad input on key planning areas, to review updated health data; to identify emerging trends, best practices, and innovations in prevention services; and to identify ways NSCHN resources can have the greatest impact. Members were asked:

-What do you see at North Shore-Cape Ann Health Priorities? Are there gaps to be addressed?
-How can the NSCHN best use resources to promote positive health outcomes?
-What opportunities are there to better serve our membership organizations?
-What core strategies will best support our work?
Member results were distributed via email and posted on our website following the forum.

The NSCHN governing body met for two half-day planning sessions in March-May and used member input to create a plan.

A plan was drafted and revised based on further discussions held in May and June. In July 2013 the steering committee by majority vote adopted this document as a DRAFT plan. The DRAFT plan is now being posted for member comments before being formally approved in September when a full presentation will be made to Network members.

Questions can be addressed to or the NSCHN Co-chairs listed in the presentation.

2014 NSCHN Strategic Plan_DRAFT_725


One Response to Strategic Plan Comment Period

  1. MaryAnn Holak says:

    Hello, I would love it if you engaged teams of municipal leaders someway. It would be great if the mayors and town planners would meet with the boards of health, councils on aging, veteran’s and recreation dept. heads to form a collaborative vision for the health of the community. Perhaps the CHNA can influence this convergence of leaders someway…move away from the silos…

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