Lynn cook, author takes to TV to teach teens about healthy eating

By Robin Kaminski / The Daily Item

LYNN n Lynn resident Florence Goodman is on a mission to inspire teenagers to eat healthier.

As host of the new program, “Something Healthy to Eat” which is aired on LynnCAMTV as well as 17 other local access channels on the North Shore, Goodman can be seen whipping up affordable and healthy dishes with local teens in an attempt to alter their food choices.

“Teenagers feel invincible and they go out to eat at fast food places and eat all this junk food,” she said. “But I told them that if they eat this way (healthier) they will have pretty skin and hair and sometimes they understand that more.”

The program is funded through a $10,000 grant from the North Shore Community Health Network to produce six shows, with the fourth episode filmed on June 28, which will air July 21.

A collaboration between Salem CyberSpace (a program of North Shore Community Action Program), LynnCAM TV and Goodman who is also author of a book by the same name as the show, it features Goodman and teenagers from Salem Cyberspace’s Salem and Peabody after-school programs preparing meals and snacks that are easy for teenagers and their families to recreate.

“I really love these kids,” she said. “I love when they come over to cook because it makes our house a very happy house. And they’re actually learning how to cook and are learning about portion control, and which ingredients are good and which are bad. And also that you don’t need to bam it up to make it taste good.”

The teenagers in the segments, many of whom are Latino, speak in both Spanish and English so that the show will be of interest to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

“It was so much fun,” said 14-year-old Andrison Perez. “I am not sure what I liked better, cooking, being on TV or eating. I am definitely taking this recipe for chili home to my mom. I had never eaten spinach or textured vegetable protein before, but I liked them both.”

Recipes from the show will be available in English and Spanish on the campaign’s web site:

Bilingual versions of the shows recipes from Goodman’s cookbook, will be distributed to food pantries across the North Shore. Translations for the book and web site were prepared by students in Dr. Kristine Doll’s translation class at Salem State College.

“This program meets our funding goals of addressing healthy nutrition as a means to reduce childhood obesity and promote prevention of chronic disease,” said Peg Sallade, executive director of the North Shore Community Health Network. “The involvement of young people and the application of technology and media to reach a broad audience increases program outreach and impact.”

The show airs on Comcast channels 3 and 16 in Lynn and Swampscott, as well as on Verizon channels 37 and 38 in Lynnfield, Nahant and parts of Saugus.


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